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THANK YOU........................


Eva spriet for selling me this wonderful dog and who is always available for my questions and gives great advice.

Eva's children (Thomas, Justine and Camille) for socialising Diego so well.

Arthur, Victor and Basile............. for teaching Diego some good Dog-behaviour in his first weeks and Thibault, thank you for being around so that Diego could  get used to cats, which was very practical.

Diego's parents, Emma and Black (English Touch Brown Baggy x Thanks a lot de La legende de la loutre), for making such a lovely and healthy boy.

Robert and Lennard (my husband and son) for loving him as much as I do and taking care of him if I am not   around.

My lovely neighbours Agnès and François who take care of him and walk and feed him if we are out for the day.

James and Jane from the Kennels where Diego stays during our holidays.

Monica and Elly for their beautiful photo-creations on this website.

My mother and mother-in-law who also take care of Diego every now and then.

Tibère (our cat) for being his best friend in the house.

The owners of the bitches for choosing Diego as a Stud-dog.

The owners of Diego's children for sending me every now and then some great pictures.

The judges for judging him Always "Excellent" and placing him often at Nr 1, 2, 3 or 4 and for and giving him great reports.

Everybody for visiting this website.

The people who are so kind to leave a message in the guest-book.

And last but not least I like to thank DIEGO for being in my life. He gives me everyday a smile on my face. It is lovely to walk, play and train with him every single day. He is just the most perfect beautiful and kind dog that you can imagine.